Choosing the Right Body Jewelry

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Body jewelry is a type of adornment placed through a body part. It can enhance a person’s appearance and personality. In addition, it can also be used for spiritual and religious reasons.

How often should you clean your body jewelry?

Body jewelry can be made from various materials. The most common are metals, plastics, and organic materials. However, it is important to be careful when selecting these types of jewelry.

For instance, if you have a sensitive skin, it may be better to choose a material like silicone. It is pliable and can be easily cleaned. In contrast, acrylic is more difficult to clean and degrades when in contact with alcohol.

Choosing the right jewelry for a piercing is crucial. Not only does it have to be made from safe materials, it should also be well polished. If the jewelry is not polished, it can cause discomfort and delay healing. Similarly, if it isn’t able to withstand high pressure, it can become embedded in other parts of the body.

It is not advisable to wear body jewelry while swimming. While it can be a beautiful piece, it can also break if it is subjected to too much pressure. Likewise, horn and bone jewelry are not recommended for this purpose. They can shard when broken and should not be worn while sleeping.

If you want to have a navel piercing, you must use an aftercare spray. Pierced Nation offers an aftercare spray that will help keep your piercing clean.

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