Commercial Property Conveyancing

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Whether you are a business owner, developer or investor our expert team can guide you through the complex property law issues that come with buying and selling commercial properties. Our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients and ensure that your transaction complies with all legal requirements.

Commercial property conveyancing is much more involved and complex than residential conveyancing melbourne. As a general rule, commercial transactions involve higher stakes and more complicated negotiations between parties. For these reasons, it’s crucial to use a professional and knowledgeable commercial conveyancing firm.Our commercial conveyancing melbourne services include:

Title Investigation: Our team conducts a detailed investigation of the property’s title to verify ownership and check any restrictions or encumbrances that may prevent the sale. This is a vital step in commercial property conveyancing melbourne as it protects you against any unexpected issues that may arise during the settlement process.

Costs and Fees of Commercial Property Conveyancing in Melbourne

Contract Preparation: Our team of lawyers will draft contracts and prepare a section 32 vendor statement to present the property to potential buyers in a way that is clear, concise and complies with all legal requirements. Our solicitors are also able to provide advice about any special conditions that need to be included in the contract of sale.

Unlike residential property, some commercial property sales may be subject to special provisions such as GST treatment. It’s important to get the advice of an experienced commercial lawyer to ensure that these provisions are drafted correctly and don’t put you in an undue risky position.

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