Ghost Dance in Berlin: a Rhapsody in Gray by Roman Polanski

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Ghost Writer Berlin

For forty years Peter Wortsman, son of Jewish emigres, was drawn time and again to that rumbling fault line of European history. Now, in Ghost Dance in Berlin: a Rhapsody in Gray, he captures the dizzying metamorphoses he witnessed over that protracted and irresistible yet ambivalent love affair with the German capital.

As a writer, he has always Ghostwriter Berlin had a special relationship with the city and its people. His first novel, Fatherland, was set in Berlin and he has written numerous plays about the city.

Despite his illustrious career, Roman Polanski is still able to work at the height of his powers and his latest film, The Ghost Writer, shows no decline in his vision or softening of his visual style. The film, based on a bestseller by Robert Harris, stars Pierce Brosnan as a former British prime minister who is writing his memoirs with the assistance of a ghostwriter, played by Ewan McGregor.

Berlin, the city of emigres and metamorphoses

The story follows the ghostwriter’s progress as he begins to uncover secrets that jeopardize not only the book but the world and his own life. It is a gripping political thriller that has the potential to stand the test of time.

The Blu-ray of The Ghost Writer does not appear to excel in any one area but it is a fairly competent transfer, dual layered and with a reasonable bitrate. It has a good color and contrast profile with a few hints of grain but is not as rich in texture as I would have liked.

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