How a DISC Workshop Improves Team Effectiveness

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DISC workshop

Our DISC website takes a fresh approach to the DISC style model, breathing new life into a proven assessment and training tool. It teaches individuals how to identify their own personality and workplace work styles, and the preferences and priorities of others. This understanding can help reduce interpersonal conflict, build stronger relationships and increase team effectiveness.

People who participate in our DISC workshop can use the knowledge to improve their effectiveness when working with colleagues and clients. It helps them understand the challenges of different communication styles, and how to build a cohesive team culture.

Prior to the session, participants take an online DISC profile that identifies their natural work style. They receive their personalized DISC report during the training session, which helps them understand their own priorities, needs and strengths, as well as potential blind spots. They will also gain insights into the priorities, needs and strengths of their colleagues and business associates.

Enhancing Leadership Skills through DISC Workshops

The workshop is filled with interactive activities and frank discussions to promote a higher level of self-awareness among participants. Roger uses his extensive experience and a lively, fun-filled presentation to keep participants engaged. He can also provide ongoing one-on-one or small group coaching for key managers, supervisors and employees to extend the value of the DISC program into their daily job responsibilities.

Effective teamwork requires a high level of relationship-management skills, so the training offers valuable learning tools for everyone in your organization. For example, sales managers can learn to decode the DISC needs of their customers and develop more productive, mutually beneficial working relationships.

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