How OnActuate Helped Exponent Investment Management

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Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management is a financial consulting firm that offers wealth allocation, pension planning and portfolio analysis services. The firm’s technology-driven wealth management platform enables advisors to build individualized portfolios that reflect a client’s specific financial situation and needs. Read more

Client-centered Approach

Exponent puts its clients’ interests first, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of financial advice possible. Their team is made up of seasoned professionals with a wide range of industry designations, which means that they’re always prepared to provide unbiased, objective guidance that focuses on your unique goals and financial objectives.

The Expert Team at Exponent Investment Management

One of the most important things that Exponent does to set itself apart from other financial advisory firms is its commitment to transparency. Not only does this ensure that the firm’s financial advisors are always accountable for their clients’ investments, but it also allows for more effective communication and streamlined processes.

Personalized Investing

In today’s financial landscape, more and more investors are turning to personalized investing. This trend is driving the need for financial advisers to be able to tailor a plan to the specific needs and financial goals of their clients. Personalization is a key factor in client satisfaction, and enables wealth managers to offer more customized investment services at lower minimums.

Client Engagement Sales (CES) Software

OnActuate was contacted by Exponent to see how we could provide a new CES solution to help with their business. The company had a number of disparate systems in place to manage their business, and they needed a solution that was easy for their clients to use and maintain. The team at OnActuate worked with Exponent to determine the best solution for their needs.

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