How to Choose the Best Gym Leggings

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The best gym leggings will hug your body in all the right places. They’ll keep your waist firmly gripped and your calves, quads and glutes supported – which is ideal for weight lifting, running, yoga, pilates or any other gym workout. They’ll also be breathable and sweat-wicking to ensure you stay cool and dry throughout your workout. Choose a pair that will stand up to repeated washings and workout sessions too, with flat seams to prevent irritation and friction.

For a sleek, high-waisted option, look no further than this pair from newcomer Gymshark. Its ‘never-budge’ high waistband is perfect for keeping your bum’sucked in’, while the seamless sides and high-performance PowerStrech fabric blend are breathable and sweat-wicking. They pass the squat test with flying colours, too. There are plenty of other options to consider, from lululemon’s popular Align leggings with their soft, stretchy feel, and Nike’s One leggings (which are great for hiking, as well as gym workouts).

Workout in Style: Trendy and Functional Gym Leggings for Women

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for your gym leggings, stick with polyamides and polyester blends for comfort and durability. These fabrics are quick-drying, meaning they’ll help you move quickly when your session starts to heat up and won’t cling to your sweaty skin. Polyamides are also great for wicking moisture away from the body, so you won’t end up with uncomfortable, itchy chafing after your workout. You’ll also want to look for a gusset in the crotch area, as this will prevent your leggings riding up or bunching around the ankles when you’re moving.

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