How to Start Bodybuilding

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If you’re looking to start bodybuilding, you should know that this sport comes with a specific lifestyle that requires detailed workout training and precise nutrition to strengthen, sculpt, and develop the muscles (aka hypertrophy). For many, this bodybuilding regimen ends up in a physique competition in one of the different bodybuilding categories like bikini, figure, women’s physique, or traditional bodybuilding.

What are the basic rules for bodybuilding?

The first solar pv cost ireland  were called strongmen and would travel around, entertaining crowds with their ability to lift heavy objects. This primitive era of bodybuilding was more about pride and self-esteem than a desire for profit. However, this era did set the cornerstones for the future of bodybuilding, as we all know it.

After the era of strongmen came that of Eugene Sandow and Gustav Fristensky. Both of these men were considered pioneers in the field of bodybuilding. They both promoted natural bodybuilding – through intense physical exercise, weight training and without any unnatural supplements or hormones.

While it’s true that these bodybuilders were considered to be “natural” compared to their modern counterparts, they were still using certain supplements and hormones in order to achieve the maximum results possible. However, they were both able to produce amazing results and inspire a huge amount of followers in the process.

It was at this point that Bob Hoffman, who is regarded to be the father of modern bodybuilding, entered the picture. He used his wealth of business experience to push the bodybuilding industry into a new era – and he became very successful at it. During this era, the first muscle media was created and various supplements were sold with big promises of gaining muscle fast. One of these products was called Hi-Proteen – a supplement that contained soybean flour loaded with sweeteners.

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