Is It Weird for Guys to Get a Brazilian Wax?

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Men, just like women, can benefit from regular grooming and hair removal services. Whether it’s a hot towel shave, facial, or waxing their chest and back, men have taken notice of the benefits of these services and have started manscaping. As a result, male Brazilian wax classes have become incredibly popular.

Should men get Boyzilian?

While it might seem weird for guys to get a Brazilian wax, it’s important to remember that the classes offered is actually a good idea. It reduces ingrown hairs and helps maintain smooth, supple skin for longer than shaving alone. And it’s also less invasive than shaving with a razor, which can lead to painful cuts and nicks.

A standard male Brazilian wax includes the pubic mound, the shaft, and scrotum, with a strip of hair left on the front to make it look more natural. Some estheticians might call this a male bikini wax or a “man Hollywood wax,” but the terms don’t really matter — what matters is that the client understands what they’re getting into when booking an appointment.

If you’re a licensed esthetician interested in adding a male Brazilian wax to your repertoire, consider enrolling in an advanced male body waxing class. In this training, students learn advanced waxing techniques for the chest, back, and other male areas using the Waxing Zone method. And they’ll work with models to put their new skills into practice. Upon completion of the course, students receive a male waxing kit from LYCON.

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