Liquid Coatings for Wallpaper Protection

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Wallpaper was once considered dated, but with the revival of designer paper and vinyl, it’s becoming a popular alternative to paint as a way to add personality and style to a room. But how does a homeowner protect this material from water damage, dirt, and other hazards? Liquid coatings can help. In this article, we examine how and when these coatings are beneficial for wallpaper and other wallcoverings, as well as some of the best options for protection and maintenance.

Traditional paper wallpaper, either dry-backed or pre-pasted, is most prone to water damage. A simple way to help prevent this is by treating the paper with a sealer or decorator’s varnish after installation. The varnish helps protect the wallpaper from liquid messes and minor water damage, while also making it easier to clean. This type of varnish comes in three main kinds: glossy, satin, and plain or flat.

How to Mix and Match Wallpaper Patterns

Depending on the product used, some varnishes may give off fumes while drying. Always make sure to open windows and use a good ventilation system when applying any type of varnish, especially in rooms where children or pets are present. It’s also important to test your wallpaper and surface before applying a varnish, as the results may vary greatly. Also, be sure to choose a non-flammable product that’s safe to use around young children and pets. For the best results, apply 4 to 5 coats of the sealer and reapply regularly as needed.

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