What Are CBD Topicals?

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CBD topicals are products you apply directly to the skin for targeted relief and rejuvenation. Typically available in creams, gels and sprays, they can be used daily or as needed. While they don’t enter the bloodstream like other cbd topicals, they still provide powerful effects through the ECS receptors in your skin cells. Many also contain other beneficial ingredients, such as essential oils, to soothe the skin and offer additional benefits.

What does a CBD topical do?

For example, our Koi CBD Gel Roll-On contains 1500mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and a blend of 19 essential oils for cooling natural relief to sore muscles and joints. It’s a great choice for athletes looking to help heal and recover from exercise-related injuries.

Using a CBD topical is easy. Start with clean, dry skin. Rub in the desired amount of the ointment and massage it into the area until fully absorbed. For optimal results, repeat several times a day as needed.

While it’s important to research the specific CBD strength and usage instructions of each product, a general rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up. Entry-level and skincare CBD lotions often start at 200mg, while fitness-focused varieties may be much stronger.

CBD topicals are a great preventative tool for healthy skin, as they have anti-inflammatory properties that can balance oil production and reduce the appearance of fine lines. In addition, they can also relieve a range of pain conditions including nerve, jaw and joint. For example, a small 2020 study found that CBD topical oil reduced pain levels for people with nerve damage in their feet and legs.

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