What is a Wet Pour Play Surface?

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wet pour play surface

wet pour play surface is a highly durable and impact absorbing surface that can be laid in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours. It is popular in playgrounds and can also be installed in schools, hospitals, verandas, pathways and many other locations.

This type of surfacing is made from recycled rubber and has been mixed on site with a polyurethane binder. The base layer is usually made from recycled tyres which is then covered with a top layer of smaller EPDM rubber granules available in a wide range of bright, long-lasting colours. It is a good choice for playgrounds where the surface needs to be hard-wearing, colorful and safe for children of all ages.

Its durability means that it will stand up to a huge amount of foot traffic and is able to endure harsh weather conditions, such as high winds or sudden temperature changes. It is also crack proof and will not disintegrate when it gets wet, making it an ideal choice for use during rainy periods.

The Ultimate Guide to Wetpour Maintenance: Keeping Your Play Surface Safe and Fun

Unlike rubber tiles, a wet pour system allows for the installation of an intricate design to be created on the surface, which can include logos, games and fun shapes as well as offering endless possibilities in terms of colour and texture. It is important to note that when installing a wet pour surface, you must make sure that the ground underneath is suitable, i.e. that it is compacted, free from voids and weeds, and can support the advised critical fall height of the equipment to be installed on it.

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