What to Expect From Automatic Driving Lessons

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Many learners choose to take automatic driving lessons as they feel it’s a more convenient way of learning to drive. Automatic driving lessons also great for those who are eco-conscious or who have a disability that prevents them from changing gears.

Which gear is lower 1 or 2?

However, there are still some learners that prefer to learn in a manual car. Some argue that they genuinely enjoy driving manual cars and that an automatic car just isn’t as engaging.

In a lesson, your instructor will help you understand the basics of using the pedals, such as checking mirrors and adjusting the car controls. They’ll then guide you into the car and let you slowly drive around a quiet residential area. You’ll likely not be allowed to drive in any higher than second gear and you may need to practice kerb side parking.

Once you’re comfortable with all the basics, your instructor will start adding more challenges to your driving lessons. They’ll teach you to use different types of turns and slowly increase your driving speed. They’ll also help you to drive on roads with multiple lanes, switch lanes and merge.

As your driving ability progresses, your instructor will help you to prepare for your practical test. This includes practicing for manoeuvres such as the cockpit drill and hill starts. They’ll also teach you to drive on busy roads and spend time on the motorway. You’ll also learn how to handle a variety of road conditions, such as driving in rain and navigating traffic.

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