Why E-Sports Has Become a Global Sensation

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why esports has become a global sensation

The world of competitive video games has become a global sensation. But what’s behind its rise? This week we’re looking at the reasons why e-sports has become such a phenomenon.

Why e-sports has become a global sensation e-sports movement began in the 1990’s when internet cafes would hold local gaming tournaments with modest prize pools. From these, local heroes emerged – players who were head and shoulders above the rest. Their achievements would attract a small but fervent following and lead to greater competitions – mass LAN parties, multi-bracket tournaments held at hotel conference halls and more. The trend gained momentum in the 2000’s and professional gamers began to emerge. It was around this time that the term e-sports came into use and the first major tournaments took place.

Game Changers: Understanding Why E-Sports has Taken the World by Storm

Esports events can be broadcast live in sold-out stadiums and draw millions of fans. And their emergence has brought with it some interesting parallels to the world of physical sport.

For one, esports can be played by anyone who has access to a gaming device and the motivation to compete. A player like BrolyLegs, who used his mouth to operate a controller for Street Fighter, proves that anything is possible with the right mindset and enough perseverance.

But esports also offers some unique benefits that can help develop the cognitive and social skills of participants. For example, games can be designed to encourage cooperation and teamwork and many have educational content linked to STEM subjects. They can also be played at a safe pace for children and adults and many titles offer parental controls to ensure that only appropriate content is accessed.

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